महिला रेस्लरहरुले दिए यस्तो च्यालेञ्ज | Nepali Ladies Wrestlers

Nepali Ladies Wrestlers महिला रेस्लरहरुले दिए यस्तो च्यालेञ्ज Bhagwati Khadka and Asmita Goldar (Juryley) are female wrestlers. They have been playing wrestling for a long time. They have won various medals at national and international level. Khadka Women’s Wrestling Foundation is chairman and Jailley Treasurer. They have come to wrestling training from women to this organization. =================================== Stay connected with us: Website → https://kendrabindu.com/ Facebook → https:// Twitter → https://twitter.com/kendrabindunews/ Instagram → https:// Google+ → https://plus.google.com/+kendrabindutv Tumblr → https://kendrabindutv.tumblr

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