CES 2019 Sports Tech Wrap-Up and Thoughts!

This is like a livestream, except, not live. But, all in one shot! Here’s all my thoughts on CES 2019, sports tech, and all sorts of randomness with it. From the products that were announced, to what’s missing here. Plus, which tech products I think will do well, and which ones will failboat. I cover wearables, sports tech platforms, action cams, drones, and all sorts of totally random things that have really nothing to do with sports tech…oh, and don’t miss the end! — The Site â-º Main Camera â-º The Drone â-º https://amzn.to/2LrPEoc The Gimbal â-º Action Cam â-º https://amzn.to/2xBF9Km All Camera Gear â-º Instagram â-º https://instagram.com/dcrainmaker Facebook â-º h

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