Ring Divas: Brooke Fairchild vs Elle Dumon & The Associate

⚠️ I don’t claim to own this video ⚠️ In the main event of the evening. Fans of the LWWL will stand up and rejoice as two of the most popular stars in the company face off in a MEGA DREAM MATCH OF THE YEAR!!! That’s right. The huge fan favorite in Brooke Fairchild steps into the ring with the “Women’s World Champion” Elle Dumon accompanied by The Associate. Moves : Barefoot, Football Punt Crotch Kick Low Blow, Vicious Foot Stomps, Humiliation, Lots of Trash Talking, Hair Pulling, Bear Hug, Camel Clutch, Full Nelson, Boston Crab, Forearm to Belly Smashes, Jumping Elbow Smash, Face in Mat Rub, Turnbuckle Head Slam, Lockup, Rib Kicks, Blatant Rope Choke, Single Leg Pin Fall Victory, Long Victory Pose.

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