Why Was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 SO MEDIOCRE?!

Modern Warfare 3 was universally loathed by fans and loved by critics. For a lot of gamers, this was the beginning of the end of the ‘Good Ol’ Days’ for Call of Duty. But how has the game aged now? And what can we learn from it with hindsight as our ally? What did this game to right and wrong? Only one way to find out…. SUPPORT the Channel â-º https:// ____TIME STAMPS____ Introduction — 0:00 Development — 4:40 Campaign (Story) — 8:17 Campaign (Gameplay) — 21:53 Multiplayer — 23:58 Customization — 28:59 Killstreaks & Balancing — 31:16 Same Shit, Different Game — 35:18 Map Design — 39:18 Spec Ops (Survival) — 41:24 Spec Ops (Missions) — 46:32 Conclusion — 48:43 MORE Call of Duty Reviews â-º https://

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